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Covid-19 related Holiday Shipping Delays


USPS is reporting that the national Covid spikes are causing unprecedented online shopping, while at the same time they are severely understaffed because of Covid-19 infections. This has lead to a cascading number of our packages showing as Accepted-Pending, but not moving. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the shippers - We can't reship or file a claim until the 15th working day, and a refund depends on the item arriving back to us so we can process it. Hopefully the USPS will catch up with their back log and we'll see the items start moving.

This is unprecedented in our 12 years in business, even during the worst holiday seasons or other service disruptions. So far, this is affecting dozens of our customers, and we expect the number to grow. This is affecting all merchants doing heavy online sales. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We will continue to monitor. We recommend that if it hasn't shown any movement by the 7th day, to contact me back the following Monday and we'll let you know what our options are then.

Thank You for your understanding,

Advantage Rigging

Here is a link to some other sellers discussing the issue on Amazon.


Chain Hardness and Grade for Security, Transport and Overhead Lifting

We frequently get asked about the chain hardness of our overhead lifting chain. Our security chain is Grade 100 lifting chain designed to make slings for overhead lifting - and is not manufactured or proof-tested in the same manner as purpose-manufactured "security chain," intended solely for security applications. G100 chains are not heat treated to a specific [...]

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E-Track Transport Package - 4 Rails, 4 Tie Downs, 4 Tie offs, 4 Straps Started Kit!

We're excited to announce availability of Advantage Rigging E-Track Transport Package starter kit bundles. These kits include everything you need to get started securing loads in your enclosed trailer or box truck using the modular, expandable E-Track rail system. We offer this bundle in both 12' and 16' ratchet strap lengths. Each kit includes 4 powder coated [...]

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New eTrack Items Now Available!

We're excited to announce that we've expanded our inventory of e-Track load-securing products. E-track is an industry standard for securing loads in enclosed trailers or trucks. This flexible system of rails has slots spaced around 2" apart along the rails, allowing you to position fasteners, rings, and straps in the ideal location to best secure [...]

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Customer Service is What Makes Us Different

Congratulations to the staff of Advantage Rigging for consistently beating the industry average in delivering items exactly as described and on-time! The image below is from one of our retail sales channels - but we have similar ratings across all of the online sales channels we utilize to deliver our products from our business to [...]

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E-Track Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Advantage Rigging is is excited to now offer E Track ratchet tie down straps! Our ratchet binders and transport chain packages are some of our most popular items for flat-bed hauling, but these straps are designed for use in enclosed trailers, vans or similar transport vehicles. You simply purchase and install an E Track rail [...]

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Hosted versus In-House for Small Business IT Needs?

We understand that a lot of you aren’t just hauling or lifting, you’re also running a business, including managing your own books, expenditures, revenue and income and other business data.  As an IT professional, I often get the question is it better to send your IT needs to an offsite hosted solution or to keep all your equipment and applications [...]

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Back by Popular Demand, Koozy Version 2.0!

We're happy to announce that our first edition Koozies were very popular and are no longer in stock. We're now shipping a new Version 2 design, still free with every order, including a very limited number of Camo Green coozies to be distributed randomly. Get yours while supplies last! 

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Bluedriver OBD-II Code Scanner

Recently I had a Check Engine fault light on the dash of my car. I took it in for service to find that it was caused by a rotted gas-cap seal. We replaced the cap and I went on my way, a little less cash in my pocket. Flash forward a few weeks later and [...]

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Shipping FAQ

We get a lot of questions about our shipping. This FAQ will address the most common ones: What carrier or service do you use to ship? Advantage Rigging ships the vast majority of our products in USPS priority mail flat rate boxes. USPS priority mail flat rate ships any package under 70 pounds. Rarely we will ship [...]

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