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Measuring Chain Slings

"How do I measure my chain sling?"   Clients often ask us this before ordering. This is important to understand because the identification tag required by OSHA is reflective of a very particular measuring method that we use. When measuring the length of a sling, we measure by pick point to pick point (or grab point to [...]

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Weight Lifting Chains for Powerlifting in the Gym

Powerlifting used to be the main reason to use chains when benching or squatting. However, chains have been increasingly popular to help strengthen weak areas of a lift and increase lift speed for lifters of various capabilities.   We've recently built a set of our 5 foot 5/8", 1/2" and 3/8" chain package for a local Crossfit [...]

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Chain Sling Replacement Identification Tags

How can I replace my chain sling identification tag?    Advantage Rigging places identification tags on all new chain slings that we manufacture. However, often we will find damaged, missing, or illegible tags on customer chain slings. Often this will require measuring the chain sling from grab point to grab point to ensure the correct length is [...]

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Chain Sling Inspection

This is a common inquiry we have from customers in the field and online. Inspections are typically done from the angle of periodic inspection, or in order to abide by OSHA and MSHA standards. While chain slings are one of the most durable lifting tools in the field, there are a few guidelines to stick [...]

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About Nylon Sling Protectors

One of our most sought after items, nylon sling protectors slide over your existing sling to preserve its lifecycle in the field.   The biggest enemies of your sling are cuts, tears, abrasions, weld splatter, burns, chemicals, dirt and grime. All of these things stand to shorten the life of your sling and reduce the safety factor [...]

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Chain Sling Hook Tutorial

There are may hook types available and various sizes and grades. Most hook purchases are a replacement of broken and frozen components. For this reason, it's easy to shop by image. However, if you have a specific need, you can always change your hook type. Click on the hook you need to replace to see [...]

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About Nylon Lifting Slings

Nylon Lifting Slings are extremely versatile and are rated for 3 different types of holds; vertical (a) , choker (b) and basket (c). Each hold will support a different lifting weight. When purchasing a lifting sling, consider they type of hold you will need so that you can purchase a sling that fits the weight you [...]

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