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About Nylon Lifting Slings

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Nylon Lifting Slings are extremely versatile and are rated for 3 different types of holds; vertical (a) , choker (b) and basket (c).

Each hold will support a different lifting weight. When purchasing a lifting sling, consider they type of hold you will need so that you can purchase a sling that fits the weight you require. You can also reach the same limits through wider slings or slimmer with additional ply material. If you are limited by width, consider a sling with more plies to meet the limits you're working with. Slings typically come with a 5-1 safety factor based on the WLL (working load limit). Our nylon lifting slings are manufactured in the USA and ship from our warehouse in Gilbert, AZ. Slings come in endless and eye and eye configurations and will accommodate the three types of sling holds in either type and come in 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply.

Our eye and eye slings can be found here: http://www.advantagerigging.com/nylon-eye-and-eye-slings/

Our endless slings can be found here: http://www.advantagerigging.com/nylon-endless-slings/

For a short video featuring nylon lifting slings, click the link below: