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About Nylon Sling Protectors

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One of our most sought after items, nylon sling protectors slide over your existing sling to preserve its lifecycle in the field.


The biggest enemies of your sling are cuts, tears, abrasions, weld splatter, burns, chemicals, dirt and grime. All of these things stand to shorten the life of your sling and reduce the safety factor built into the WLL (working load limit). To preserve your sling, simply slide a sling protector over the sling and the cut resistant material will now be the surface in which your sling makes contact. Sling protectors are affordable and easily replaceable, making them a great investment for your inventory of lifting slings. Click the image below to view our inventory, or click here.


Nylon Sling Protector


Any length can be made and come in 1" to 4" widths. They are sold by the foot and can be shipped in one long piece or cut if needed.