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Chain Sling Hook Tutorial

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There are may hook types available and various sizes and grades. Most hook purchases are a replacement of broken and frozen components. For this reason, it's easy to shop by image. However, if you have a specific need, you can always change your hook type. Click on the hook you need to replace to see our inventory.


Clevis Grab Hook:


Clevis Grab Hook


The Grab Hook is a common hook used at the end of chain or as a chain sling adjuster, to adjust the length of the sling as needed. As seen, the chain will cradle within the hook.


Clevis Positive Locking Hook:


Clevis Positive Locking Hook


Positive Locking Hooks offer the security of a lock to increase safety in the field.


Swivel Positive Locking Hook:


Swivel Positive Locking Hook


A more versatile version of the Positive Locking Hook, this unit also features a swivel within the head to allow the item being held to rotate freely.


Clevis Sling Hook:


Clevis Sling Hook


Another popular hook, the Sling Hook features a spring based latch that keeps the content of the hook safe from releasing. Parts are also replaceable as we carry a variety of sling hook latch kits in our store.


Foundry Hook:


Foundry Hook


Commonly found in industrial environments, the Foundry Hook is popular with our clients in a Foundry setting and metal plants, material handling, etc.


All of the hooks come in Grade 80 and Grade 100. Keep in mind that you can mix and match grades, but the rating for the sling will be based off the lowest grade component in the setup. To see a short video on Chain Sling Hooks, click the link below.