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Chain Sling Replacement Identification Tags

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How can I replace my chain sling identification tag? 


Advantage Rigging places identification tags on all new chain slings that we manufacture. However, often we will find damaged, missing, or illegible tags on customer chain slings. Often this will require measuring the chain sling from grab point to grab point to ensure the correct length is stamped on the identification tag itself. To help our online customers, Advantage Rigging now offers engraved chain sling tags for replacement in the field since this creates a challenge not only for OSHA compliance but for the safety of those using slings due to the printed WLL (working load limits) on each sling. 


While we do offer custom templates, the template that we use in the field is as follows:


Your Company Name

Serial #




Reach ft in

WLL lbs (we can help with this if needed)

@ Degrees (degree in which the WLL is applicable)


Order link: http://www.advantagerigging.com/chain-sling-identification-tag-replacement/


To order, simply include the details of your sling(s) in the notes field of your order that matches the template above and we will create a replacement tag for you. We do offer quantity discounts, please contact us for more information. 


Additionally, we do offer custom engraving on tags for $19.99/each (bulk discounts apply as well). We also offer two sizes of rings if you will be attaching the tag to larger chain. This is common on single legged chain slings where the tag cannot be used on a coupler.


If you have any questions or special needs, just reach out to us. We're here to help!