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Facebook Store Now Open, Brand Categories Live, and More!

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It has been about 6 weeks since I took over the role of managing Advantage Rigging’s online presence. While I have a long history in information technology and technology publishing, I’ve never worked in an industry like transportation and lifting rigging before, and I’m still learning the (wire) ropes... and chains, and slings, and hoists and hooks. 

Along the way, I’m trying to clean some things up and make it easier for you to find and purchase what you want through the method that works best for you. We’re working to organize the Advantage Rigging website more efficiently, adding Brand categories and other features to help you shop easier and quicker. We’ve published our catalog on Facebook, allowing you to browse our product inventory and make purchases through the Facebook app on your mobile device or desktop PC.

It is our goal to offer you the best balance of value, support and quality for your transport and lift rigging needs. We value your feedback and suggestions, and encourage you to contact us here, or at our Facebook Page. Let us know what kind of articles and information is most important and interesting to you, and we’ll try to provide you with relevant articles, website links and other sources of information to educate and answer your questions. As always let us know if you have problems with the websites or suggestions that you think would improve your experience as a customer. If something isn’t working the way you think it should, or if you encounter out-of-date or incorrect information, let us know so we can fix it! 


Donovan Colbert