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New Website Layout Live Now

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Advantage Rigging Shopping Homepage

As promised several weeks ago, the new graphical navigation layout of the website is now live at www.advantagerigging.com. The new design categorizes our inventory by product type, organized into a graphical grid labeled with the category type. Just click on the image you are shopping for and navigate down through the next page until you arrive at a list of just the items you are looking for. We hope you will find this less cluttered and confusing than our previous format, which did not allow you to isolate products as specifically as the new method. 

If you prefer the previous method of website navigation, that can still be accessed through the side-menu. 

We'll be adding additional products, brands and categories of products in the coming months, so keep checking back to see what has changed. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions let me know at donovan@advantagerigging.com