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Shipping FAQ

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We get a lot of questions about our shipping. This FAQ will address the most common ones: 

What carrier or service do you use to ship? 

Advantage Rigging ships the vast majority of our products in USPS priority mail flat rate boxes. USPS priority mail flat rate ships any package under 70 pounds. Rarely we will ship US Priority Mail Regional Rate A or UPS, depending on what is most economical as a combination of size and weight for your order. .

I only received part of my order:

A combination of the size, shape and weight of our products means that larger orders will be split into one or more additional flat rate boxes. For example, most of our popular transport packages are split into one box of 4 ratchet straps, and a second of the 4 transport chains. If you ordered from Amazon or eBay, those services only send the first tracking number to the customer, and there is no way for us to automate sending the additional tracking numbers to every customer. Some larger orders will go out in 4 or 5 different boxes. Although the packages leave our shipping dock at the same time, there is no guarantee that they will arrive together, and frequently they do not. 

I did not receive my package on time: 

USPS Priority Flat Rate does not have a guaranteed delivery time. Generally most packages arrive anywhere in the US within 2 days, but weather events and other situations outside of our control can delay the arrival of your shipment. USPS will only accept a lost item claim after 7 days, so as a general rule, our policy is that your item should arrive within 2-8 business days, excluding federal holidays, of your order. Almost all orders before 1 PM Pacific Standard Time will go out that same day. Orders later in the day may wait until after 1 the next day to actually ship. If items in your order are back-ordered, we will contact you to let you know and arrange details of handling the items we are unable to immediately fulfill. 

The Post Office Says my Package is at the Post Office:

There is no clear USPS policy on this, but it seems that postal carriers can refuse to deliver a package to your address if they think it is too heavy. Those packages will be at your local post office and you will have to drive down to accept them yourself. Despite the fact that our packages are frequently at or near the limit for flat rate weights, this very rarely happens. 

My Package Is Lost:

Very rarely is this the case

These Limitations Don't Work For Me:

USPS Flat Rate Shipping is our base shipping, included free on orders over $25. We can offer nearly any kind of shipping at additional cost to you. Just contact us to arrange the shipping you prefer and we'll take care of the rest.

I still have other questions: 

We're always here to answer your questions. Just send an e-mail to me at donovan@advantagerigging.com or call us at 480-502-2225