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There are multiple features of the Spanco Gantry Cranes that make them the right solution for jobs that are short-term to long-term. Compare those with aluminum construction to those made of steel to determine which one is the best choice for the job you have in mind. If you have any type of fabricating business, the Gantry cranes are both lightweight and durable so that you can easily lift heavy materials. Some of the features and options to consider are:


• Adjustable of fixed configurations

• In spans up to 20 feet

• Clearance under I-beam up to 12 feet


The aluminum models are ideal for those who need to quickly tear down cranes and move them to the next job. These cranes come in weights starting at 112 pounds to make it easy to transport them as well.Both the adjustable and fixed models can handle loads from 1 to 3 tons. Adjustable cranes are made to operate with a locking pin configuration so they stay securely at the height needed.


Adjust in 6-inch height increments. Their ability to work with spans of as wide as 20 feet make these cranes a good choice for all types of jobs. It works for those who need to pull engines from vehicles as well as for holding big pieces of material during fabrication. Our Gantry crane rental includes those from the Gantry A-Series and the E-Series cranes. Those from the A-Series come in three different models including those with:


• Adjustable aluminum construction

• Adjustable steel construction

• Fixed steel construction


The A Series cranes have a maximum capacity of 3 tons with a 2 ton capacity for those made of aluminum. Steel A Series cranes are available with spans to 40 feet and beam heights to 16 feet. For the aluminum cranes, spans are available up to 20 feet with heights to 12 feet under the I-beam.


The E Series cranes include fixed height styles with spans to 12 feet and a ten feet height with a 3 ton max capacity. You can also rent these models with adjustable configuration and a span of 11’6” with a max adjustable height of 7 to 14 feet. The E Series cranes with adjustable configuration have a 3 ton max capacity or 2 tons for those made of aluminum. Steel models are available with spans to 40 feet and beam heights to 16 feet. The aluminum cranes have spans to 20 feet with heights of 12 feet under the I-beam.

This equipment is versatile to handle a wide range of jobs and durable enough to provide you with ongoing performance. We also have hoist trolleys for these cranes.