16th Dec 2020

Covid-19 related Holiday Shipping Delays

USPS is reporting that the national Covid spikes are causing unprecedented online shopping, while at the same time they are severely understaffed because of Covid-19 infections. This has lead to a cascading number of our packages showing as Accepted-Pending, but not moving. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the shippers - We can't reship or file a claim until the 15th working day, and a refund depends on the item arriving back to us so we can process it. Hopefully the USPS will catch up with their back log and we'll see the items start moving.

This is unprecedented in our 12 years in business, even during the worst holiday seasons or other service disruptions. So far, this is affecting dozens of our customers, and we expect the number to grow. This is affecting all merchants doing heavy online sales. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We will continue to monitor. We recommend that if it hasn't shown any movement by the 7th day, to contact me back the following Monday and we'll let you know what our options are then.

Thank You for your understanding,

Advantage Rigging

Here is a link to some other sellers discussing the issue on Amazon.