5th Apr 2019

E-Track Transport Package - 4 Rails, 4 Tie Downs, 4 Tie offs, 4 Straps Started Kit!

We're excited to announce availability of Advantage Rigging E-Track Transport Package starter kit bundles. 

These kits include everything you need to get started securing loads in your enclosed trailer or box truck using the modular, expandable E-Track rail system. We offer this bundle in both 12' and 16' ratchet strap lengths. 

Each kit includes 4 powder coated 5' e-track rails, 4 tie dows, 4 tie offs, and 4 ratchet straps. 

For the quickest delivery purchase yours at www.advantagerigging.com

12' Ratchet Strap Package at Advantage Rigging

16' Ratchet Strap Package at Advantage Rigging

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